Yes, We Have Business Software Development

Yes, We Have Business Software Development, ACCi

What is Business Software Development?

It is what drives the world, especially the business world. Business software development provides businesses a way to operate, the way they operate. Each business has its own uniquely specific set of business processes, and software is what drives programs towards these goals. Yes, there are pre-built business software applications out there (spreadsheets, word processors, calculators, etc.), but let’s face it, sometimes it is not enough. Sometimes your business software needs something specific, and whether your business process includes moving data around from one system to another, or a unique specialized process or promoting or selling your goods and service on the web, ACCi can help.

What Role Does Data Conversions Play in Business Software Development?

Often, getting your data out of one system and into another can be rather tedious and complex. In most cases, the two systems maintain and store your data in different formats and rules, and this makes it difficult to keep your data relationships during the business software development process. At ACCi, we are experienced with data conversions, data migrations and data transformations. We have helped many of our clients clean, export to different formats such as CSV, XML, Excel, Access, DBF, and import or load their data into another database or system, keeping your data logic and relationships all the while.

Custom Applications in Business Software Development

Many times, your business software development procedures dictate a specialized process to achieve your goals. Generally, off the shelf software forces your business to sacrifice some of your important business practices and conform to its layout. Isn’t it time to have your own custom application which specifically achieves what you need it to do? For over two decades, ACCi has been building custom applications for our clients enabling them to easily handle some of their simple or complex business software development processes. Whether it is a desktop Windows application or a mobile responsive web application, ACCi can provide a custom solution to solve your business’s needs.

Web Hosting for Your Business Software Development

Yes, We Have Business Software Development, ACCi

Today, more than ever, it is important to promote your business on the internet. People use the world wide web to find goods and services daily and having a web site will advocate your business to the world. ACCi provides expertise in web hosting technologies, such as ASP.  Net, WordPress, ASP, JavaScript, CSS, HTML, and more. We can even create your business a custom database driven ecommerce web site.

ACCi has a dedicated full-time staff of Microsoft certified business software developers capable of producing and providing our clients with applications that can better their businesses. We understand that meeting with our clients and understanding their needs is vital to providing a software solution. It is what sets ACCi apart from the rest. We can design a software solution to meet your specific business software development process. Whether your business needs include a data conversion, a custom application, or a web site, let ACCi provide your business a software solution today with the latest technologies.

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