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    Join on demand an informative client panel on collaboration technology. This webinar will provide real world insights on how to leverage collaboration tools to help employees and customers communicate and work together. In light of the COVID19 outbreak, more and more teams are working remotely and using online tools to collaborate and succeed.

On this webinar, you will learn:
  • How companies are leveraging collaboration technology during the Coronavirus outbreak
  • Why growing companies need to be able to communicate across town and across the globe
  • Which tools help you sell more, communicate better, and provide excellent customer service
  • How collaboration technology enables screen sharing, video conferencing, and virtual whiteboarding

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How to Sell More and Serve Your Customers Better with Voice and Video Collaboration Technology.

  Join (on demand) ACCi to learn how an ethical hacker and penetration tester would try to breach your network. We have invited professional pen-tester, James Carroll, to share his secrets.
On this FREE webinar, you will learn:
  • The five most common vulnerabilities in most small and medium-sized businesses
  • How pen-testers work with their clients to test defenses and discover weaknesses
  • Why employees are sometimes the weakest link in your cyber security defenses
  • What proactive cyber security steps you can take as a business leader

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Confessions of an Ethical Hacker!



  Microsoft 365 is the gold standard for office productivity. But are you maximizing all of the collaboration benefits from the platform?
Join us as we help you Life Hack your Microsoft 365 install and take collaboration to another level. We will explore how to maximize Teams, OneDrive, Sharepoint, and all the other included apps to help your staff work better together and deliver amazing customer service.
Collaboration is the new killer app. And on this webinar we will show how Microsoft 365 helps everyone work better together.
On this webinar, we will cover:
  • The hidden gems in the Microsoft 365 bundle
  • Microsoft Teams tips, tricks, and how to take it to another level
  • Unleashing internal collaboration and best practice sharing
  • How to use free apps from Microsoft to sell more and serve your customers better

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LifeHack My Microsoft365