The Value of a Technical Project Manager

If your business is looking forward to expansion, technology will play a key role. Chances are your technology projects, upgrades and general backlog are a part of a list that continues to grow and seems quite overwhelming. Therefore, a Technical Project Manager can be a key player on your team.

The main responsibility of a Technical Project Manager is to develop and maintain one or more technology project plans. This means:

  • Outlining project tasks
  • Milestone dates
  • Statuses
  • Allocating resources

This person will also be tasked with creating technical documentation, as well as be the one to report on progress of project(s). Not to mention, this individual will adhere to budgets. The Technical Project Manager will keep project(s) on track for successful completion.

It is not a job for the faint of heart, but rather a strong, organized team player that knows how to communicate well with your people.

The Benefits of Working with a Technical Project Manager

Why are Technical Project Managers so great to have? Let’s count the ways!

First, your business will get better estimates on the time involved for a project. Artificial Intelligence (AI) can’t account for human factors like a human can. They say that software development estimates are many times off, even by a factor of 2-3 times. That’s because a Technical Project Manager can talk face-to-face with team members to get real-time answers versus a computer-generated guess. A person can uncover and plan for timing that numbers crunched on a calculator would not be able to deduce or find.

Second, a Technical Project Manager is the eyes and ears in meetings that takes notes and records requirements from team members’ input. Going hand in hand with understanding the feedback from the people involved in the project, a Technical Project Manager is also there to make suggestions and generate ideas to improve solutions and project plans.

Thirdly, the Technical Project Manager serves as a link between the QA team and developers of a technology project to maintain the relationship and means of communication back and forth. This person can even “smoke test” before a QA team gets involved.

Lastly, consider that when a technical project is fully launched, there are end users that will engage with it. The everyday users will have input. Was the technology successful? Did it solve the problem or serve its purpose? Is it easy to use? Is it functioning correctly? Did it make work easier or better after it was implemented? The Technical Project Manager will gather feedback and determine the overall success of a project … preferably alpha and beta testing core functionality along the way, so you learn the likelihood of success very early on.

What Type of Person Makes for a Superb Technical Project Manager?

For a good Technical Project Manager, organized is an understatement. This person obsesses over the details and gets down to granular-level thinking of how a project will function. This person may be focused on the details, but certainly will not lose sight of the “big picture.”

Naturally, the right Technical Project Manager for your business is a team player with superior communication skills, keeping the people around them during any project inspired and motivated to do his or her best and keep up on their piece of the puzzle. Additionally, the power of persuasion can come in handy, along with an empathetic attitude and articulate way of carrying his or herself.

Technical projects are daunting for any size business, but making sure that they are completed on time, correctly, and to the best of everyone’s ability, is critical to the overall success of the organization. Communication lines must be open. That’s why there is so much value in putting these projects in the hands of a capable person that you can trust.