Steaks & Strategy ~ Team Personalities


We had a great Lunch and Learn – a.k.a. Steaks & Strategy in February!  We enjoyed Flemings with clients and other businesses in the Birmingham area.

ACCi is not just a technology company. We are a relationship building company that uses technology to promote the success of our clients. People serving people – that’s the way we see it. ACCi’s COO, Keith Keller presented a great discussion on:
*Team Personalities and How to Relate to them*
We discussed the different types of personalities using the DISC personality profile, but in a more memorable manner. Are you a Lion, Turtle, Monkey or Camel? We covered the differences between these personality types, and how they’re similar.
We reviewed how each type interacted and related to each other.
Learning these differences helps us to:
• Immediately improve interpersonal communications
• Connect with co-workers more effectively
• Understand what we need to do to be more successful in our interactions with others
Let us know if you would like to learn more about this or any of our IT solutions.  We will be glad to speak with you!