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Software Development

Our development team consists of certified, full-time software developers capable of producing a wide range of applications using industry standard development tools.

We take pride in our ability to understand the needs of each client and to design software solutions that meet each of those unique challenges.  From initial project scoping through coding and testing to implementation and ongoing support, ACCi’s development methodology and commitment to quality allows us to deliver a successful solution on every engagement.

Our areas of expertise include the following:

  • Microsoft Visual Studio
  • Microsoft .NET
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Microsoft Access
  • Delphi Studio
  • Advantage Database Server
  • WordPress

Custom Applications

Are you tired of trying to conform your business to off the shelf software?  Do you wish you had a software solution that operated the way you wanted to run your business?  Is your important data spread out across multiple systems in different formats making it difficult to locate and report on?

For over two decades, ACCi has been providing custom software applications to our clients that handle the unique challenges of each of their businesses.  From mission critical line-of-business applications that run their business each day, to simple databases and custom apps that do specific tasks, to dashboards and reporting tools, we have the skills and experience to deliver a software solution that is unique to your business.

Database Design

Do you need help maintaining or tuning your existing databases?  Do you have a project that requires designing a new database from the ground up?

Tired of using Excel spreadsheets to keep track of lists and other important data?

Based on your needs and our experience, we can help determine whether you need a custom web-based or client-server application with SQL Server as the back-end database, or if a local or network based Access database solution can suffice.  Many factors apply to this decision including size of data, volume of transactions, simultaneous connections, security, administration, etc.

Web Development

Whether you need a basic, informational website to hang-out your business shingle, or you need a full-blown web application that is dynamic and data-driven, let our team of creative designers and web developers craft a solution that allows you to attain your online objectives.

We have a knack for creating simple, yet effective web apps that include pleasing layouts with intuitive navigation that is engaging to visitors while at the same time communicating your message.

Business Intelligence

As a business decision maker, having the right information delivered in a timely manner is critical for success.

Business Intelligence is defined as a set of methodologies, processes, architectures, and technologies that transform raw data into meaningful and useful information used to enable more effective strategic, tactical, and operational insights and decision-making.

ACCi has a proven track record of successful implementations using SQL Server as the data management platform.   The BI stack and the powerful tools we use allow us to design and deliver solutions that make sense of the data and give the end-user the information they need to be effective.

  • Custom reports, graphs, & charts that highlight various KPI’s and metrics
  • Dashboards with interactive, drill-down capabilities
  • Mobile apps that provide information on any device

Data Conversions

Data resides in a variety of different formats.  Accessing and using the data independent from a related software application can be difficult and challenging at times.

Sometimes, there is a need to extract data from one system, transform the data into another format, and then load the data into another system.

We have deep experience as specialists in the area of data conversions, transformations, and migrations. Through various tools and technologies, we can extract or export certain types of data, perform data cleansing techniques, rearrange the data into a different format (i.e. flat-file, CSV, XML, XLS, MDB, DBF, HL7), and load or import the data into another database or file system.

A coming need will be to integrate your local, on-premise data with applications that reside in the “Cloud”. We can help you with that, too.