IT Managed Security Services.
It's More Than a Firewall.

IT Cyber Security Services

IT Cyber Security Services, ACCi

One minor breach in your IT network security could have severe negative ramifications on your operations.

At ACCi, our job is to improve the security posture of your Birmingham organization through our cyber security services.  Including physical access, electrical security, historical records, disaster recovery, transmission security, encryption, and decryption, we protect your security posture with cyber security safeguards to minimize your risk of loss.

One of the best ways to ensure your organization is safe is to take a proactive approach . This includes preventive cyber security measures

  • Creating data backups and encrypting sensitive information.
  • Updating all IT network security systems and software.
  • Conducting regular employee cybersecurity training.
  • Using strong and complex passwords.
  • Installing IT network firewalls.
  • Reducing your attack surfaces
  • Assessing your vendors
  • Having a kill-switch in place.
  • Creating solid cyber risk policies and strategies.
  • Protecting your physical premises.

At ACCi, our job is to improve the security posture of businesses in Birmingham and surrounding communities through our cyber security services.

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