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Despair...Knowing You Just Lost Your Data.
Delight... knowing you've backed up your data!

Backup & Disaster Recovery

Whether it’s a single data file, failed server, or destroyed office, we’ve got you covered. ACCi has a backup and recovery solution for you that:

  • Protects your data

  • Recovers lost files or systems

  • Gets you back up and running in a minimal amount of time!

Remember – it’s too late to prepare after the fact.  It’s never too late to prepare before a disaster occurs.

ACCi understands the critical importance of data backup and disaster recovery for businesses of all sizes. Our solutions are designed to be flexible and adaptable, capable of meeting the unique needs and requirements of any organization.

Whether you need to protect a single data file, recover from a failed server, or rebuild after a catastrophic event that has destroyed your office, we have the expertise to implement a robust solution that safeguards your data, retrieves lost files or systems, and minimizes downtime.

When it comes to data backup and disaster recovery, ACCi emphasizes the significance of proactive planning and preparation.

We work closely with our clients to assess their unique needs and risks, designing comprehensive solutions that align with their specific circumstances. Our solutions include regular data backups, redundant storage systems, and efficient recovery processes to ensure the integrity and accessibility of critical information.

Act now to safeguard your business against potential data loss and disasters. Use the form on this page to request immediate help or a consultation.