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Top-rated MSP Services in Birmingham, AL.
Trust ACCi to Maintain Your Company's IT Health.

IT Consulting and Solutions

Simply put  – We will deliver what your business needs.  Whether its products, equipment, services, or support, our team will take care of your IT health needs. Rest easy knowing that hiring ACCi IT Solutions means your only concern from now on will be running your business.

If you choose a professional for your personal health, why wouldn’t you choose a professional for your company’s IT health? Better still, why not choose a professional best suited to your needs—one who has served the Birmingham, Alabama, business community for years? We’ll take the time to create the IT strategy that will meet your needs and will support the growth of your business.

We are the managed IT services provider of choice for the Birmingham area.

And we’re interested in the health of your company’s IT systems.  Whether your IT health is in great shape, or on its last leg, allow our team of experts to assess your systems with a professional eye. Don’t allow yourself to fall behind your competition by losing time trying to solve tricky IT issues. ACCi can make recommendations to improve the health of your IT systems, which results in improving your bottom line. When you partner with ACCi, you get an IT service provider dedicated to developing solutions that are built to last.

Procurement – Servers, Desktops, Notebooks, Software

If a business is dependent upon the overall functionality of its information technology structure, one of the best ways to bolster that structure is to provide top-quality IT hardware solutions from Tier One manufacturers. Here’s how we do it.

Infrastructure Design & Project Services

Putting the right pieces together is critical when designing a network infrastructure solution.  There are many factors and variables that need to be considered on the front-end before the first piece of equipment is installed.

Our talented team of system architects, certified systems engineers, and account managers provide the needed expertise to design a solution for you that runs efficiently, effectively, and provides the most bang for your IT investment.

Cloud Services

Many services are delivered via “the cloud” such as hosted email (i.e. Office 365, Google Apps), hosted voice, anti-virus, spam filtering, and web content filtering.

We are prepared to help you navigate and understand the ever-evolving cloud offerings and take advantage of the services that are right for your business.

Cyber Security

Talk to someone about their work and ask them what is most important to them, and they might say it’s productivity, teamwork, tools, environment or something similar.  Now find someone who’s been the victim of identity theft, ask them what’s most important to them and you are bound to hear that cyber security is most important to them.

Your business has an identity, and you need to protect it.  Much of that identity is found in the information that resides within your technology systems. How do you keep that safe?

Backup & Disaster Recovery

Step One – Create the information that helps you run your business.

Step Two – Prepare for losing that information.

Not convinced?  Ask a friend or co-worker if they’ve ever deleted an e-mail, saved over a spreadsheet, discarded a document and later wished they had it back, or simply misplaced some information that would have helped them perform a task, help a customer, or save someone the time of recreating that information.  That’s data loss. It might not be a total loss, but even the lost time is a real loss, since none of us can stop the clock from moving forward. On a larger scale it can be devastating. How can it be prevented?


It might not be a word in the dictionary yet, but virtualization is a very real experience in the computing industry.  Simply put, free your company’s dependence upon hardware, and give it flexibility to move.

Onsite Service & Support

Tired of the on-hold, waiting, I-can’t-understand-you game? How much time and money have you spent as a result of being referred to a remote service provider who doesn’t understand your system?

As they say, “There’s nothing like being there.” That’s why we deploy our service personnel to your location of business when needed. There’s more to IT than just the hardware and software – there’s the environment, the integration of the different systems, the culture, the knowledge base – it all wraps up into a complete heterogeneous system designed to fulfill your business need to have a healthy information technology structure.

Cabling Services

The critical backbone of your IT infrastructure.

Our professional team of designers and installers will make sure your cabling job is done right, complies with code, and looks neat & organized.