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Upgrade Your Business Communication
with ACCi's VoIP Solutions in Birmingham, AL.

Business VoIP Phone Solutions

Business VoIP Phone Systems that grow with your business needs. Our local Birmingham, Alabama-based customer service team has been helping clients have cutting-edge phone systems, all in a custom package that grows with your enterprise.


Business VoIP Phone Solutions

A VoIP service for businesses provides a lot more flexibility and mobility than a traditional phone line, all at lower prices. Have a stable means of communication via HD Audio and Video conferencing, text, online fax, and more. Easily integrates into your current system and with our local Birmingham, Alabama-based team, you can have the peace of mind that your connections are stable and stress-free.

You need a telephone system that is stable, flexible, and robust, at a predictable price so you can budget. That’s where ACCi steps in to make the difference.


VoIP Phone Services

It’s about productivity – both yours and that of your entire team. ACCi’s solution experts work with your organization to create the best overall voice system for your business. Period.

Voicemail, automated attendant, unified messaging, reduced costs in the form of Voice Over IP & converged data/voice circuits, enhancements in the maturity of computer telephony integration (CTI), software tools that assist the user – these are all elements that ACCi can incorporate into your ideal business telephone solution.

A fact that companies sometimes overlook is that there is more to a voice or telephone solution than just the hardware and the circuit – there’s the maintenance, programming, updates, monitoring, and knowledge of the system – none of which you have to worry about when you partner with ACCi.

Your business phone system is an invaluable tool that helps you get your job done every day. Let ACCi help you implement a more efficient, more focused, and more universal solution. ACCi’s hosted voice services deliver that dial tone to you, without a major investment in technology on your part.


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