Operation Christmas Child: Update

ACCi partnered with Operation Christmas Child  this November and donated online to discover the destination of the 48 shoe-box gifts. The gift-filled shoe-boxes our employees packed will share God’s love in a tangible way and can impact not only the child who receives it, but also their family friends, and community.


ACCi’s shoe-box gifts were shipped to:
The Country of Chad
  • Chad has 12 million people and is located in Central Africa
  • 43% of the population is 14 years old or younger

Good News. Great Joy.

Operation Christmas Child delivers the good news of Jesus Christ to children around the world

Stories From Chad

He Will Supply Your Every Need
In the city of Monudou, a boy needed the necessary supplies to attend school, but his mother had no money to buy these things. The boy was invited to an Operation Christmas Child shoe-box distribution. In his shoe-box were all the school supplies he needed. The boy was overjoyed and thanked God for answering his prayer. His mother excitedly testified that this was an act of God’s love manifested towards her son.

The Greatest Gift of All
Bella had received a gift one day from a friend who attended a shoe-box distribution at a local church. Elated, she asked her mother daily if she could be allowed to visit the church to thank them for what they had done. Her mother finally conceded. During her visit, a church leader had the opportunity to tell her about the greatest gift of all, Jesus Christ, and Bella accepted Him as her Savior. After telling her mother about her new relationship with Jesus, Bella was then allowed to attend church every Sunday.


ACCi’s long term goal is to leave our fingerprints on the lives of those around us in the hopes that we all find our lives enriched as a family.  What a great way to reach out even beyond our community!