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John R. White Case Study

John R. White Case Study, ACCi

Industry: Food Services

Multitudes of businesses use spreadsheets to implement their daily business processes inadequately and inefficiently. Often these spreadsheets become quite ineffective because important data is hidden when viewing raw data, and it’s difficult to infer what data is important and what data is not. Spreadsheets are also sometimes hard to evaluate without historical or previous data available, and they are very difficult to share among many users.


  • Create mechanism to track and monitor sample requests
  • Eliminate multiple spreadsheets which are redundant and invalid
  • Provide procurement with more efficient method of tracking samples and requests


  • A mobile responsive web application providing access to inside and outside sales persons
  • Logs and tracks requests for inventory samples
  • Sends email notifications when sample requests are made and fulfilled
  • Provides statistical reporting for sample requests


  • More efficient work flow. By tracking all sample requests through a single web application, the work flow from the sales person to the procurement is resourcefully managed and tracked, enabling the customer to quickly acquire their sample products.
  • Reduced redundant data. Data is no longer spread out among several spreadsheets which gets passed around from user to user. There now exists a single master database holding all pertinent information.
  • More effective tracking system. The sample request process can now be viewed in any stage of the sample request. Reporting now allows the ability to view helpful statistical data.

Sample Request Fulfillment System Screenshot

John R. White Case Study, ACCi