Dream or Dilemma – What Buying a Business is Really Like

Dream or Dilemma – What Buying a Business is Really Like, ACCi

ACCi’s President &  Managing Partner was invited to speak today at ITNation’s conference in Orlando, FL.   IT Nation 2018 welcomes technology industry leaders and professionals from around the world to experience three impactful days of speakers, sessions, and networking focused on business best practices, thought leadership, and growth. Thousands attend to gain greater insight into the leadership role with inspiration from world-class presentations, vendor introductions, and connections with industry peers.

In today’s market, becoming a buyer in an M&A transaction seems like a very good way to grow a company. The panel will discuss

  • What’s really under the hood of a successful deal?
  • What are the considerations that need to be made, and successful deal structures that can be utilized to help bring about a successful merger or acquisition?

While the agreed to number matters, structure and execution often determine success.

Hundreds will get perspective on what it is like in the buyer seat and how to prepare for the unexpected.

Joining Welch is:

Kevin Blake – CEO, ICS

Lyf Wildenberg –  Founder, President & CO – Mytech Partners

Scott Scrogin –  Director, IT Nation Data – ConnectWise