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9 Ways to Improve Your IT Solutions in Birmingham

It’s no secret that successful businesses of today are powered and driven by strong digital infrastructure. All departments rely on information technology in one way or another – from your marketing team to human resources. According to recent studies, 80% of companies believe their IT expenditure will stay the same or even increase over the… [Read More]

Standardizing IT Processes

  There is something to be said for complex equations like the general theory of relativity or the Euler’s equation. Einstein’s theory of relativity helps us understand gravity and its impact on the warping of the fabric we know as space and time. But is this really the level of complexity you need to support… [Read More]

The Value of a Technical Project Manager

If your business is looking forward to expansion, technology will play a key role.  Chances are your technology projects, upgrades and general backlog are a part of a list that continues to grow and seems overwhelming.  Therefore, a Technical Project Manager can be a key player on your team. The main responsibility of a Technical… [Read More]

Improving IT Maturity

  Improving IT Maturity takes a concerted effort. You’ll need to consistently adapt and evolve your technology stack while ensuring that business leaders understand IT’s value and can competitively position it. But the best way to ensure long-term change is to have a plan. And in order to make that plan, you’ll need to determine how mature your company currently is, who… [Read More]

IT Budgeting Guide and 2020 Trends

For your business to survive and thrive, it’s essential to stay up-to-date on modern technology. After the recent business disruption, it’s become even more important to figure out how to get back on track in the most efficient way possible – and the right technology can definitely help you do this. Many businesses are taking… [Read More]