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10 Cyber Security Tips for Small Business

  Broadband and information technology are powerful factors in small businesses reaching new markets and increasing productivity and efficiency. However, businesses need a cybersecurity strategy to protect their own business, their customers, and their data from growing cybersecurity threats. Here are our top 10 cyber security tips for small business: Train employees in security principles… [Read More]

How to Spot a Phishing Email: Inside Modern Phishing Campaigns

by Ganesh Umapathy, SonicWall The world of cybersecurity is dominated by headlines of malware, ransomware, data breaches, app vulnerabilities, IoT threats and botnet attacks. But phishing has been a serious threat since the early 2000s and is widely regarded as the most common attack vector for cybercriminals. Due to the increasing complexity of phishing scams, knowing… [Read More]

Weak passwords are the dream of any identity thief

They’ve hit the jackpot if you use the same password for all your accounts. This is because once they know your password, they will be able to access every single online account of yours and make your life miserable. You should always use long passwords (at least 10 characters) which are a combination of various… [Read More]

The Importance of Patching

Is my network secure? As a business owner, this is a question you should always be asking yourself. You rely on your Managed Service Provider to not only keep your businesses’ network running at peak performance, but also to ensure that your data is safe. The problem is that Information Technology is a fast-paced, ever-changing landscape; and… [Read More]

Security 101 – Domain Admin Accounts

IT Security: Firewalls, Active Directory Control, and Admin Level Privileges Firewalls may be “king” when it comes to establishing a good perimeter defense, but Your Active Directory server is the heart and soul of your networking system. The Active Directory server acts as a centralized management point for a vast number of system controls. Some… [Read More]

Collaboration Helps Cybersecurity

Breaking down data and departmental silos has a financial upside. Most network and security teams report close collaboration. The report authors looked at the connection between collaboration and the cost of the worst data breaches. Companies that had very or extremely strong collaboration between security and networking teams or endpoint management and networking teams showed… [Read More]