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ACCi Gives Back to the Community

ACCi Gives Back to the Community, ACCi

We are excited to be involved in our community and making a difference in young lives!  This year, ACCi is sponsoring a U12 Travel Team.  NorthStar ministry has an annual banquet each year to showcase their efforts, and ACCi will be sponsoring a table.  The banquet is being held on Thursday, November 14th in Homewood.

NorthStar Soccer Ministries was founded by Paul Neville in 1996 under its initial name, Neighborhood Network. Paul’s original vision for the ministry was to help cultivate a wide range of resources for the development of a concentrated geographic area – the Smithfield Community of the city of Birmingham (in which Paul lives). However, Paul quickly realized that youth development was the area in which he and the organization were best equipped for impact.

With this in mind, Neighborhood Network began its mission of reaching out the the local community offering scouting programs, sports teams and a summer learning program called Camp NorthStar. With Camp NorthStar becoming  a growing success, a new program name was adopted in 2001 to reflect its change in focus, NorthStar Youth Ministries. At this time, the scouting program, sports teams, and Camp NorthStar were all managed by a full time staff of one, temporary summer staff and many volunteers.  ACCi is grateful to be a part of such a wonderful outreach with our youth!