9 Ways to Improve Your IT Solutions in Birmingham

It’s no secret that successful businesses of today are powered and driven by strong digital infrastructure. All departments rely on information technology in one way or another – from your marketing team to human resources. According to recent studies, 80% of companies believe their IT expenditure will stay the same or even increase over the next year.

There are a lot of ways to bolster your systems in order to set up your business for success in the future. Here are 9 ways to improve your IT solutions in Birmingham.

Procure Quality Hardware

If you’re running sophisticated software systems, it only makes sense to pair them with just quality hardware. In fact, companies are spending more on hardware than any other line item on their IT budget. Improving your hardware will expand the lifespan of your overall equipment while vastly decreasing the probability of functionality loss.

Take Advantage of the Cloud

Whether it is cloud-based email or hosted phone services, investing in the cloud provides a ton of flexibility for employees and your customers. It can also help you dramatically control costs by transitioning to consistent monthly payments rather than high upfront expenses on equipment. To date, 67% of all enterprise infrastructure is currently cloud-based.

Improve Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is incredibly important to your technology infrastructure. According to a 2021 report by TechJury,  over 30,000 websites are hacked each and every day. Additionally, over 64% of companies have experienced one form of cyber attack. If you haven’t upgraded your cybersecurity recently, it may be a good idea.

9 Ways to Improve Your IT Solutions in Birmingham, ACCi

Invest in Cabling Services

Cabling is a critical aspect of your IT design. You need a team of experts that will consult, design, procure, and install industry-standard cabling solutions for your networking infrastructure. Making sure you hire the proper team is vital for your Wi-Fi, computer networking, and audiovisual solutions.

Enhance Infrastructure Design

Most business owners aren’t able to determine the size server they require or what cloud computing actually is. However, putting the right pieces together is essential for an infrastructure design that is functional and meets the needs of the organization. Making sure you hire a talented team of system architects and certified engineers is invaluable when it comes to handling your IT solutions in Birmingham.

Establish Backup & Disaster Recovery

Information is a vital part of your business. However, in this highly technical world, it can be lost at a moment’s notice. From emails to spreadsheets to customer payment information, all of this data must be retained to avoid significant disruptions in your daily operations. For this reason, investing in a proper backup and disaster recovery plan is absolutely invaluable.

Try Virtualization 

Virtualization allows you to create useful IT solutions in Birmingham using resources that are traditionally bound to hardware. A good example of this is Apple’s Bootcamp software that allows users to run Windows operating systems on Macintosh laptops. It also affords organizations the ability to run multiple different applications on a single server, increasing economies of scale as well as efficiency. A proper team will be able to walk you through virtualization and all the benefits it may provide to your specific business and its needs.

Hire Onsite Service & Support

Hiring one-off technicians is rarely a good idea. You need a partner that fully knows your system and is able to attend to any issues in a timely manner. Take a closer look at IT service teams and decide on one that’s proficient with the systems you utilize, while also having the bandwidth to serve you the way you deserve.

Set Up Electronic Time Systems

Time and labor management solutions are a requirement for all businesses small and large. It helps you monitor employees and ensure they are paid accurately for their work in a timely manner. Investing in time clocks, hand & fingerprint readers, time attendance software, and more will drastically make certain processes more efficient.

Your information technology is paramount to the operations of all businesses today.  Investing in your IT solutions in Birmingham is a great way to upgrade your business while ensuring your proprietary information is safe from hackers and any potential losses. Ignoring these systems could lead to significant problems down the line.

If you need a trusted partner to improve your IT solutions in Birmingham, ACCi has you covered. Since 1989, we have served clients in all industries solving complex challenges related to their technology infrastructure.

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